Thursday, September 19, 2019

Welcome back!

Library classes began this week at Lawrence School!

Kindergarteners are learning the routines and were excited to choose their first book! First graders have been learning how to use the scanner (a big step up from the library cards of kindergarten) and are very proud of their new skill!

Second graders have started to collect stamps to show that they've made their way through several sections of the library. This first week the picture book section was (re)introduced and any student who borrowed a book from that section received a stamp on their "library passport". By the end of 7 weeks they will have been introduced to 7 sections of the library and will hopefully have new favorite areas to browse. (Passports will be sent home when they're complete.)

Third graders are looking forward to learning how to use the library catalog (probably after Thanksgiving) and are reacquainting themselves with their favorite titles and sections.

Fourth and fifth graders have a fifteen minute browsing time each week. Some students will use the time to read a book they've started in the classroom, others will actively search for titles to borrow for the week.

Middle schoolers have a weekly browsing time (usually aligned with advisory/ workshop time) and are encouraged to come before or after school.

Library hours: 
Monday & Tuesday: 7:50 - 8 am & 2:30 - 2:45 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 7:50 - 8 am & 2:30 - 3 pm
Friday: 7:50 - 8 am only (the library closes at 1:40 each Friday)

Please stop by and see what we have. The books that were purchased in Marie Leman's (retired 3rd grade teacher) name are on display in the library this September, as are books about climate change (in conjunction with the Friday, September 20th Boston Climate Strike).